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 The RULES!!

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The RULES!! Empty
PostSubject: The RULES!!   The RULES!! EmptyWed Feb 08, 2012 11:26 am

First and foremost, this forum is set up for JDM styled japanese cars, it does not strictly have to be imported jap, but as JDM has now become somewhat a cult, and style of modification, we would not like to disappoint, so if you don't feel you have a typically JDM car, then think before you join up, were not discriminating against other styles, just choosing what we want the forum to be.

So just a few points to keep in track with

- The forum is for all us jdm loving petrol heads to share our passion and love for the wonderful creations that japan has produced. So we would look to having this as a positive environment, so we would appreciate it, if you stick to the policy, of positive feedback, or no feedback. That is to say if you don't like it, don't run it down, we don't mind you saying a particular item, car, mod etc is not to your taste, But please approach this in a constructive criticism manner.

- There is a very minimum censorship run in the forum, as we believe we are all adults, and should be able to construct conversation without dragging everything into the gutter, however! If this is abused and members use this language in an abusive way to other members, You will be banned, and the policy will be re-looked. SO don't spoil it for

- If you have any issues or problems with any members of the forum, be it members or moderators, please contact your regional leader first, and if need be they can escalate this to myself or Chadwick who will look at matters further. If your issue is with one of the regional leaders, then please contact me or Chadwick straight away.

- Posting of images and videos is more than welcome, we suggest the use of Photo bucket for images, and youtube for videos, but keep it clean.. no funny business.... don't mind the odd funny video but keep it within reason

- When posting in general, try to keep conversation relevant to the post, i.e. if its in members rides, keep comments regarding the members car, don't tangent tangent on to events, or general chit chat. there is a dedicated general chat forum for this.

- Besides the above, enjoy yourself, thats a rule.
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